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The Directorate of Army Reserve exness, Recruitment and Resettlement (DARR & R) came into existence in 1981 with the aim to establish and administer the NA Reserve force, as well as to maintain its Manpower Target (MPT) and also to undertake the establishment of system a of Resettlement of discharging servicemen into civil life with ease.

The NA Force Structure of 1990 placed the DARR&R under the Department of Army Administration (DOAA) with the three distinct branches namely, Reserve, Recruitment and Resettlement.
The Reserve Branch has been dormant due to lack of legal instrument for the establishment of the Reserve Force.  The National Cadet Force (NCF), which was to form the nucleus of the concept of the reserve force initiated nationwide was abandoned due to lack of necessary government assistance exness th.

The Recruitment Branch of the Directorate remains the most active of all.  There are recruitment centres in the 36 States and FCT, which are being manned by representatives of Formations Administrative Branches, while the General Officer Commanding coordinates the recruitment exercise within their AORs.

The resettlement Branch is charged with the responsibility for assisting retiring or discharging officers and soldiers to be gainfully employed after the active service.  This is achieved through counseling, vocational training and assistance in job placement.  Soldiers are trained in agricultural production and management techniques. 

Brigadier General DM Chong is the Director of the Directorate exness thailand.

Brig Gen DM Chong
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