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The conception and establishment of the Nigerian Army Housing Scheme (NAHS), which is popularly called (PHD (A)) was an initiative that can be traced back to a formal proposal by Brigadier General PO Reis (then a Major) that was presented during the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Quarterly Conference in April 1995.  The Chief of Army Staff then, Major General AJ Kazir (retired) forwarded the proposal, after its presentation at the COAS Conference, to the Army Council.  It was finally approved in March 1996 and Brigadier General Reis of Army Engineers (who was promoted Lieutenant Colonel) was posted to the newly established Post – Service Housing Directorate Army (PHD (A)) with primary responsibility for implementing the scheme.  The primary objective of the Nigerian Army Housing Scheme is to provide land and housing for the use of officers and soldiers at any of the scheme’s location of their choice in Nigeria.  This has been achieved in a manner that facilitates the smooth transition of service personnel back into ‘civilian’ life after retirement/discharge from service.  Participation in the scheme also saves subscribers any undue stress that will distract them form the efficient performance of their duties while still in service. 

          Regular monthly deductions are made at source from subscribers (under the long-term mortgage option) before they receive their pay.  This is the normal procedure with the exception of lapses here and there.

          For cost saving mode of construction, it is the Directorate’s policy not to use contractors but direct labour for the construction of the houses.  The cost of the Scheme’s houses range from N1.5m for a two-bedroom house to N7m for four-bedroom terrace house (which is only available for outright purchase).  The one that are available by subscription ranges from N1.5m to N2.6m for a three-bedroom house.  The benefits of the scheme were believed to be self-evident, considering that any retired person deserves to have a home in which to spend their retirement years happily.  The future of NAHS is very bright indeed.  The goal of the scheme is to establish estate in all the State Capitals of the federation soonest.  At present, these estates exist in 15 State Capitals.  The scheme now delivers an average of 200 t0 300 houses a year – the figure for the past two years.  The aim at present is to gradually increase the targets and develop the scheme capacity to deliver.  Brigadier General PO Reis is still the Director of the Scheme making these laudable achievements.

Brig Gen PO Reis

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